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Sold: .243 bullets

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white van man

Well-Known Member
Calibre change means I don't need these anymore.

98x 58gr V-Max £15 on hold
39x 90gr Nosler BT £10 on hold
34x 95gr. Combined technology ballistic silver tip £10
134x 65 gr match £20
100x Sierra 70gr HPBT £20
75x Sierra 85gr HPBT £15 on hold

58x Hornady 95gr SST. The majority of these have been pulled but don't really show. £18 posted

Would always do swaps for 6.5x55

These need to be F2F with certificate at the moment.
Can be posted after May1st.


Cheers Steve.
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Sharp shooter1

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I'd take the Sierra 85g/ 90g nosler bt and 95sst if you want to post after the 2nd of May.
Pm me your details and I'll pay you today for the heads...when you find out postage let me know and I'll pay that too

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