243 Hornady 95grn SST


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What do people class the Hornady .243, 95grn SST, factory round as? Deer round, as in controlled expansion or, varmint round, as in explosive expansion? I've used them with out problem on a verity of deer species. I only ask as I was questioned about them recently on a invited stalk. They seemed to be frowned on. Just the time when you don't want to get into a argument about your kit. What are you thoughts? cjs


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I shot my first fallow with the above bullet, it left a tiny entry hole and an exit hole of about 1 inch. It didn't hit any bone other than ribs and didn't appear to make any more damage than any other sp bullet. I have also shot a number of foxes with it and most have all been pencil holes entry and exit apart from one vixen that was quartering and went through the right shoulder and there wasn't much left of the left shoulder and side of the neck.


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I use them on deer (mainly fallow) and fox, out of .243win. Work well for me but there some here who have had problems with meat damage. Certainly not an explosive varmint round, though.