243 load data, had it now it's gone, Doh!


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I was looking through some different reloading manuals tonight at the club and saw a load for Hornady 87gr Spire Point (ref #2440) and Reloder 15. I thought - 'I'll check on their web site later!'.

Well I'm a silly fool because now I can't find that combo anywhere on line, nor can I remember which reloading manual I read it in.

Alliant's site doesn't list any 87gr 243/6mm at all.

Can anyone look it up for me?

Your hopefully, etc...


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Help me Obi Wan Reloadi - you're my only hope!

Does any one have any reloder 15 data at all for any 87gr jacketed expanding Spire Point bullet?

Off to the library for me.



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In my 2 Books, it only lists Reloder 15 for 2 loads in .243, neither of them for your combination.

Sorry, might need to change your powder to something more common.



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The closest I can find is for an 85 gr HPBT in my Lyman manuals, 32gr giving 2787 fps and 3600 c.u.p. pressure that's the starting load and the do not exceed load is 38 gr giving 3147 fps with50,000 c.u.p. pressure.

Best I can do I am afraid.



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Modern Reloading 2nd Edition.

80 gr Jacketed Bullet
Rel 15,
Start Grains, 33.5,
Vol cc 2.37
Velocity, 2914 fps
Never Exceed 36.5gr.
Min O.A.L 2.685"

Speer Reloading Vol12

Note* These loads are not for use with the 100gr Boat Tail

100gr Grand Slam

Rel 15,
Start Grains, 31.0
Velocity, 2445 fps
Max Load, 35.0

C.O.L Test 2.580"

Good Luck

I would strongly recommend you get a couple of good books!!

All info supplied is from the books listed, and I take no responsability for any combination tried with your equipment.



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Hi SS.
Herewith some info which came with my Sako when I bought it off Jacko prior to his emigration.
It is easier for me to photo than type !
The Sako is a one-holer with 46gr Vit. N160 powder and 87gr V.Max. fired by a Fed GM210M primer.



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Thanks - what would you say is the deciding factor in choosing one powder over another when several are listed for a particular bullet weight?


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To me the deciding factor is availability of supplies, preferably local, providing a good load has been found with certain ingredients.

I use Vit.N140 normally in my .243 T3 with the 75gr V.Max bullet, Vit. N.140 with the 68gr Berger in the .243 Sako Varminter.
Vit. N160 in the .270 and currently Varget in the Sako .308 .