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Hi all. I'm new to the forum and relatively new to stalking, so I'm looking for some advice.

I am the proud owner of a Tikka 595 in .243 and I'm now considering the best fodder to be putting through it.

I will be predominately pursuing roe, with occassional sika and red.

Can anyone recommend a suitable factory load for the job? I believe the rifle has a 1 in 10 twist.

Cheers, novice


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welcome to this site and welcome to stalking i hav a tikka m590 and for ten years i used federal classic 100 grain for everything from fox to reds had 3/4 inch groups so very impressed inch high at 100 yards dealt with most beasts with out a follow up shot now homeload other wise still be using them


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I used to use Federal 100gn but changed to Hornady 95SST these cut my groups to 5/8” in my Tikka 595 I now home load but these don’t group that much better than the factory Hornady.

Best rgds


Andy L

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I have a Sauer 202 which I believe has a 1 in 9 twist. I find the Hornady 95 grain SST are great or I have been using the Remington accutip 95 grain BT. I find that the grouping is far better with these (under .5 inch)than when I use a 100 grain head. The ballistics data on the Remington are very impressive needing 1cm high at 100m to be bang on for 200m.


Hi Novice,
I've got an M595 too. I use Federal Classic 100 grain and get 3/4" groups at 100 yards. Great round. Also reload 90g nosler partition good load too.



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Hello there,

I have a tikka 595 .243 which i have owned from new about 8 years ago and for the last 3 years i have been using prvi partisans in 100 gr in my .243 and 130 gr in my .270.

This ammo is currently costing me £8.50 for 20 rounds and gives me as good a group as any of your more expensive ammo. The amount of deer and fox that i have shot over the years, and also the ranges that i have shot them at makes me smile everytime i shoot it. Now, i am not saying that your gun would shoot this ammo but a friend of mine in the borders who bought a T3 last year is also uses this ammo and is also getting great results.

Give them a try! what have you got to lose for £8.50?


paul k

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I've been using PRVI recently in both .243 and .270 and have no complaints about the performance.

Tikka 260

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Q? Recommendation for a Tikka 595 in .243 ?

A. Ideal basis for a .260

Excuse the frivolity, my Tikka 595 was born a .243 and it shot great with Nosler 70Gn BT and 85 Gn Gamekings but wasn't too keen on heavier loads.

Good luck with yours and enjoy.



yes, i too used 100 grain fedral the power shock range "blue box" my Sako grouped well with them at 100 yds. However the cost of factory loads and the variance in batch quality and sometimes the availability of your chosen ammo means most users go the reloading route - the sooner you do the more you save.

By the way the Fedrals while they shot well enough at 100yds shot poorly at extended range - Due to poor velocity spreads ! and fragmented on practically every large deer i shot with them ( failing to get a blood stike and creating exess meat damage). poor spead is a simptom of factory loads - most should shoot ok at 100yds though which is far enough for deer stalking recreationally

I use 95 grain Nosler b/tip and 100 grn Seirra prohunter in my handloads


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could not work out how to post pictures on this thread (help needed) so i have posted one on my members gallery of 3 water deer i had one evening stalk tikka m590 .243 ,100 grain hornaday soft points, 4o grains reloader 22 . Doe on left 140yards ,yearling in middle 170 approx just to show you how devistating this combination is and the yearling still ran 60/70 metres luckily towards me.
I use this combination on most of the deer i shoot upto red prickets, for red and sika stags this was a little light so the 3006 comes out to play
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