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For Sale: 243 Remington 700 wanted.


Well-Known Member
Looking for a 243 Remington 700 just need the barrel and action to sit in my own stock.
Looking for a 20in but not fussy about the length as I would just get it cut if needed.
After something cheep (ain't we all). But it will be a work tool so don't want to brake the bank or need any thing shiny and new as long as it shoots straight

Thought it was worth an ask before I trawl guntrader

Thanks Tim.

paul o'

Well-Known Member
Its a pity your miles away I know of a rem 700 .243 Hogue rubber all weather stock ( none slip) nice trigger it was my old rifle then my departed shooting pals has a T8 The barrel was re-crowned done by Norman Clark as I had it cut to 24" I think but may have been shorter sorry been a while, its a floor plate , has big bolt knob job so perfect for cold weather shooting in gloves View attachment 82610View attachment 82611 This rifle although old has done next to nothing around 500 rounds it was a nail puncher , Pete has been gone for few years now and it is just sitting in a safe at the RFD'S also have a 8x56 s&b German that was on it real good working rifle or for a build off.:tiphat:
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Got one that's just had a take off barrel fitted was a foxing rifle project that I'm not getting around to finishing. PM for any more info.