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These are the results. Be gentle, its my first attempt at reloading! All cases are once fired Federal, full length resized then loaded with H4831sc and Hornady 100gn btsp bullets with std Remington primers.



These were shot prone on a bipod at 100yds through my Tikka M595. The second group are obviously the best with 40.5gn of powder but what can I now do to tighten the group further :confused: I'm thinking of trying 0.1gn either way and seeing what that does. The bullets were seated 15thou off the lands, should I try different spacing :confused:
All advice greatly recieved.


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Might not be in your case, but very often the group can half if you take the best batch, load a bunch and practice.
You wouldn't be able to tell much from a single 3 shot group anyway.

give it a go



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Congratulations, any of those loads are a more than good enough hunting load. I take it those are 1" squares on that target, if so before I started tinkering with seating depths and minute load adjustments, I would start tinkering with me. I am in no way doubting your shooting ability but what you have there is a very tight group with all three of the shots almost clover leafing. It might be that with maybe a little more consistency on your part, you know removing as much driver error as possible with regard to grip, head position etc you may be able to improve things.

I know if it was me that would most certainly be the case. I would produce a few more groups until I was consistent with the grouping using the current load. Then when I was sure that the road to improvement lay in adjusting the load would I fiddle. It depends on what you are looking for and what you are trying to achieve. Me? I don't shoot targets act, so if it is of hunting accuracy, which your second group certainly is, I am satisfied, usually :evil:



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MJR, load up 12-15 rounds of that 40.5gr load.

Take yourself to a bench with a decent sandbag and shoot 4-5 3 shot groups over the course of 30-40 minutes, leaving 2-3 minutes between shots so that your barrel stays cool.

Report back your results! :lol:
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