.243 wanted


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A friend of mine has just got his FAC with a slot for a .243
Do any of you know of a good rifle for sale, problem is he lives in Scotland, Glasgow area.

Possibly posted this in the wrong place!


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An old mate is more or less giving up shooting and is selling a Sako .243.
It's a fairly old rifle but in good nick. I know for sure that it has not fired a round for the past two years at least.
I live in Central Scotland.
I,ll send you a pm with my phone number if your mate wants to give me a call.


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I've a Ruger no.1, 243, that I'm thinking of getting shot of.

Not everyones cup of tea but I like them , good reliable rifles, a bit like marmite though.

If interested give me a pm


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I'm selling a .243 complete with scope and T8 mod the only thing is its in Bristol it's a Lakelander and in very good condition, not been used for 10 months due to illness.
Contact Gregor McLeod at McLeod of Tain. Tel.: 01862 892171. You won't find a nicer more genuine man. He has a good selection at all prices AND a good selection of secondhand 'scopes from Leupold to Swarovski.

For the rifles try:

http://www.rmacleod.co.uk/RIFLE PRICE LIST.html

The optics:

http://www.rmacleod.co.uk/RIFLE PRICE LIST.html

I haven't ever actually visited the shop always buying over the telephone on his description, I live in Leicester, but I have NEVER been disappointed or let down with anything I have purchased.

The latest purchase being two Zeiss Diatal-C 'scopes.