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Sold: .243win Sako 75 Varmint Laminated Stainless with Nightforce SHV


Well-Known Member
I bought this rifle when I probably shouldn’t have! It was advertised as a Sako 85 at a good price so I bought it but when I picked it up from my RFD it turned out to be a 75. I decided that I’d keep it and rebarrel it to a sporter and put a mcmillan stock on it. Then I changed my mind because when I put a scope on it and it shot well and it didn’t really warrant a new barrel.
Anyway, the upshot is, I’ve ended up with a rifle that’s just not really what I want. It’s not the model I want, it’s not really the calibre that I want (I have a .270 Sako 85 and wanted a .223 to go with it) and it’s too good for me to pull to pieces and make it what I want.
So I’ve decided to sell it and put the money towards a .223 Sako 85

It’s a Sako 75 varmint laminate stainless, it’s in fairly well used condition. The stock could do with a refinish probably and it has a shiny T8 ring on the barrel but it’s a decent shooting, fit for purpose rifle. It comes with an ASE utra SL5 moderator and a very good set trigger. I took it to the tunnel range at Selkirk and shot a 22mm group with factory Norma 75gr vmax rounds. I’m sure it would shoot one hole groups with hand loads.

I did start to buy stuff for loading for it which can come with the rifle. There’s 100 unfired Lapua cases which are primed and ready to load, a set of hornaday dies and a box of 100 75 gr vmax. I also have a tub of unopened rl15 that can go with. I think this stuff probably cost me about £200-£250

I hate Sako optilock mounts because they’re a terrible design and come loose constantly so I bought a set of tier one mounts for it at a cost of £142 and put a nightforce SHV 3-12x56 on it. It’s a great scope, it has a few cabinet scars on the outside of it but the glass is grand and it doesn’t have any non cosmetic damage.

All in, it’s a decent package in used but functional condition. I’m looking for £600 for the bare rifle and moderator or £1100 for the rifle, scope, mounts, reloading gear and I’ll leave the bipod on it too. I won’t sell the scope separately, I’d rather keep it for the .223 but I think it makes the package a good deal. I probably would sell the bullets stuff separately if anyone wants to make me an offer for it?
I’ll post some more detailed photographs tonight when I get home. I live in the Scottish Borders near Gretna but I travel to Edinburgh most days so can meet pretty much anywhere in between or I can arrange an RFD to post it at your cost.



Well-Known Member
So, had a few questions about the rifle and it’s condition so I’ll make a list. It’s difficult to assess condition without comparing it to something so I’ll compare it to a brand new version of the same thing. It is, however, substantially cheaper than brand new.

The barrel
The crown is very good, the SL5 is quite a dirty moderator but I’ve cleaned it up to have a look at it and there isn’t any pitting or corrosion as expected with a stainless barrel. The barrel has the usual shiny ring on it from having a T8 moderator on it at some point, these rings bug me so if I was keeping the rifle I would stick it in the lathe and see if I could polish the rest to match, either that or shot blasting or a coat of cerakote maybe? I have shot the rifle and it shot a 5 shot group at 100m into a 22mm hole which is 0.85 inches. This was with some Norma ammo with 75gr vmax. I haven’t had a look down it with a borescope but I did measure the distance between the boltface and the lands which was surprisingly tight. I don’t think there’s been much throat erosion and I think the T8 ring makes it look like the rifle has done more than it has. I’ll happily buy this rifle back if it loses accuracy but I think it’ll shoot well for a good number of years yet.
Barrel 6/10 because of the T8 marks

The action
The action is in standard, used condition. It’s a chunk of metal at the end of the day. It doesn’t have any rust on it (it’s stainless), it feeds perfectly from the five shot, double stack magazine. You can remove the magazine to load it or you can load it from the top. You can also cycle the bolt with the safety catch on.
Action 8/10 because it’s not a new action.

The trigger
The trigger is superb. It’s a typical Sako trigger. It’s also set trigger for the target shooter. I found that the trigger was as I like them without setting so I don’t bother.

Trigger 10/10

The stock

The stock is a Sako laminated varmint stock. It has some signs of wear. There are some scratches and some dings but the cheque ring is deeply cut and it is generally fit for purpose and has no splits, cracks or gouges. If I was to keep this rifle, I would be paying a decent gunsmith to refinish the stock. I’m confident it would come up like new.

Stock 4/10
Overall the rifle, I would say, is a 6/10 compared against a new rifle but it is 30% the price. Less when you include the £250 moderator.


Well-Known Member
I took this out of the cabinet last night for some better pictures and it’s in far better condition than I’ve stated here so I’ve decided to keep it!
I’ll leave the advert open, if anyone wants the rifle, mounts and scope for £1100 I would take that but I’m not looking for any other offers.


Well-Known Member
Had a bit of time this weekend so put some bullets together for this rifle. I just went for the standard 10thou off the lands and as close to the max load as I could without any pressure. I took it to the tunnel range at Selkirk and shot a 6mm (centre to centre, 12mm outside edge to outside edge) 5 shot group which is about 0.4Moa by my reckoning. I took some more detailed pictures of the rifle.
I think I’ve been a little harsh on it. It’s in fairly decent condition with the main scratches to the stock on the pistol grip.



Well-Known Member
Price reduced. £950 for the rifle, moderator, tier one mounts, brass, dies and the nightforce SHV.

I’ve had the mounts lapped in and the stock rubbed down a bit and re oiled so the pistol grip is now a lot better looking.

I’m looking for a .22lr for club shooting so would take one in part ex. Preferably a sako.