25th anniversary.


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Gentlemen... Please in the next day raise your glass to the lost of Piper Alpha which suffered a catostrophic loss in the North Sea 25 years ago on Saturday. I worked as a casing crew operative and worked on wild wells with a Texan tough guy but i hope lessons have been learnt since PA but i think not. Respect.


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Been watching the reports on STV.Terrible to see such loss of life and suffering.
​R.I.P to those lost


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Was just looking at the monument for Piper Alpha victims in Strathclyde Park yesterday........very sad loss

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+1 RED-DOT! I too work in the oil industry and will raise a glass to the boys. I worked on the emergency response to the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico where 11 guys were lost, very harrowing times. When we remember the Piper Alfa incident as well as the lads we've got to remember the families and friends and all that were touched by the horrific event. RIP lads...