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Im variating my FAC for another rifle and was thinking of the 260 rem.Anybody use one?What are your views?


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It will have to be a handloader as you would struggle finding factory loaded ammo.

If you base your rifle on a short action length then when trying to load the 260 with heavier bullets you have to compromise powder capacity by seating the bullets deeply, other wise then will not fit in the short action length magazine. So they work best with lighter 6.5mm bullets.

Other alternatives are the:-

6.5X55 long action rifle, versatile, and you can get factory ammo but the velocities are a bit modest.

6.5X284 flat shooting would work well with heavier bullets but burns out barrels after about 1,500 rounds.

6.5-06 like the 284 flat shooting and a good choice for heavy bullets say, 130+.

6.5X47 getting rave revues for it accuracy, it is based on a 308 action length, works best with lighter bullet weights.

Personally I would just get 6.5 caliber rifle on your ticket (if your FLO will let you) then decide what you want to do with the rifle and make you choice from there.




If you've picked the .260 due to the advantage of using a short action then I'd recommend your serious consideration of the 6.5X47 you get all that the .260 have plus the small primer advantages too.

Tikka 260

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I have a 260....... based on a Tikka 595 action.

It is short throated, and tight necked and I only use 100 Gn bullet tips, but it knocks everything down very effectively up to and including Fallow Bucks. I only exclude Red Stags, as I have not personally shot one with the rifle.

Recoil is very gentle with light bullets, it is a delight to shoot.

I echo the comments about factory ammunition being difficult to find, , however I have always rolled my own , so it is not an issue for me.

Go for it and have fun.



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I have a rem mod 7 in .260.

Short action short barrel 18 '' = short light rifle inc moderator.

i love it use 129 grn bullets load my own but then i do all my calibers,i use it more than my .308 !

As quoted factory ammo is limited but you can get it in the uk

i use it for munties and fallow.
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