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I was in my locall gunshop yestrday, whilst browsing the used rifles something became very apparent, the 270 winchester is now a very unpopular calibre with rifles chambred in 270 fetching mutch less than any other calibre.
they want top dollar for anything 243 308 etc even 243wssm was expensive but the poor old 270's are ignored.
if i was looking for a bargain stalking rifle i would definately go back to a 270 (i sold mine because it was a ruger no1 and a SH tikka in left hand came up in 6.5 so i bought it)
Perhaps its just not trendy anymore, i think i will write to winchester and sugest they relaunch it as the 27-06 or perhaps a 6.8-06 it just sounds so much better.


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You are right ezzy.

The thing is if you look at the 270 nothing short of a magnum (unless it is a handload only/wildcat round) is as flat shooting and as hard hitting using bullet weights of around 130/140gn which are just about perfect for UK deer species.

With a moderator fitted the usual softies moan about muzzle blast and recoil mean nothing.

Just found some 180gn bullets to run mine on for piggies. :evil:

Best rgds


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Where do you get big bullets for the .270 - agree with what you say re the .270, and being left handed it was one of the more popular calibres. But was leaning away from it in favour of 7x64 as you can get bigger bullets for piggies and plains game.


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I am finding with the advent of midway uk. I can get just about all that i want. the days of going to the gun shop and the bloke having nothing that you want and doesn't understand that a hornady 130 gr sst is not the same as a speer 150 sp seem to be gone. Whether a bullet was readily available was one of the biggest factors in the stuff i loaded when i started, but no more.

I want to try remmy core lokt from my .30-06 i know i can get them now.

The .270 is one of the all time classic rounds. It has become unpopular becuase of "chairborne rangers" who like to talk the talk but have never given Bambi the good news. The 130 gr load must have killed an awful lot of deer over the years



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I'm with you guys, there is a reason the 270 has been around for 83 years and not because it is a bad round...in fact it is very manageable and lots of slightly built people use it.
I have seen the 270 used from Africa to the Iranian mountains and it works great.
Mine is stoked with 150 grain Nosler Partitions and it dropped a 28 stone Czech stag with no difficulties whatsoever.




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It seems to me that anyone i talk to about the 270 either loves it or hates it, i find the ones that like it have actually owned one, but when i ask people that dont like it 'what bullet weight did you try in yours' they tend to say 'oh i've never owned one but'. I'm sure there are people who have tried one that reaaly couldn't get on with it but i bet you could say that about any calibre.
I really don't understand why the 270 gets such bad press.
Like i said earlier, if we started calling it the 6.8-06 it would be the hotest thing around. i think i'm gonna rebarrel my 6.5x55 in 6.8-06 AI what do you think?


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hi ezzy6.5 i totally agree with you a lot of guys seem to be on 243 now personally for roe/red/sika i think 270 is a horse for any course and a very accurate one yes it does have a lot of muzzle flip but its never bothered me or affected my shooting. i suppose its down to personal choice


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As many have said on this forum, the 270 is a proven game getter. I have used it in Africa 6 times on various game, including Kudu, in Finland on Moose, and have shot more deer of all the species in the Uk, than i care to remember.

I do get rather tired of my calibre is better than yours :rolleyes: and I have no problem with 6.5x55, 308 whatever. Its the man behind the gun that makes the shot :rolleyes:

I just prefer to do it with a 270.


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I do tend to agree with you sikamalc,
Just as there's no such thing as a good dog in a bad colour. i dont believe there is such a thing as a good rifle in a bad calibre. i was once persuaded not to buy a 7x57 because it wasn't flat enough, at the time i didn't know better and turned down a beutifull little rifle. For my money if the calibre is legal for deer and accurate then who cares. the post wasn't about who's calibre is better just why is the 270 so unpopular.
If i was borrowing an estate rifle i wouldn't care what calibre it was as long as it was accurate and i could try a few rounds through it.
I'm sure this debate will rage on for as long as there are rifles so perhaps we should start another, how about Labradors make the best stalking dogs for the UK. (only joking don't lynche me)