.270 am (allen magnum)


Right guys and gals, does anybody know anything about the .270am (Allen magnum). Intrigued by the calibre but can't find much about it on the net. Any or all help would be greatly appreciated?


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Massively overbore utilising a relatively poor bc bullet that doesn't benefit from being launched at 4000 fps......

Just drop to 100gr .270 if you want more meat damage!


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Shittting hell that's going to be a barrel burner for sure. . .
115g bullet at 3800fps jeezoh. . .

Interesting you mention the 100g bullet making a mess out of the .270 Ed, I've recently seen first hand probably around fifteen deer being shot with barnes 110g TSX out of a .270, and to say I've been impressed would be an understatement. . . Very little damage and deer dropped with some serious authority.

The lighter Barnes offering pushed fast will be my next load to develop in the .308
Poor BC but at 200 - 250 yards max it won't make a blind bit of difference.
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I had some 90gr versions of those
loaded very short but vv data had them running at somewhere north of 3600fps with a stiff charge of n160!

never had the pleasure of smoking a hoodie crow with one but really wanted to!

have 350 100gr Speer soft points I am contemplating loading up....

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I think the link covers everything so I thought I'd add a little of my own stuff.
Quick run through a ballistics calc and the difference in drop between a 270 Win (130gr Accubond at 3150fps) and the 270 AM (same bullet at 3650fps) is just over 7"....at 400 yards (with the customary 1" high at 100 yards)
Seems a lot of effort for not much benefit at pretty extreme hunting ranges.

The AM is carrying 600 ft-lbs more energy mind and wind drift will be less which is always useful but if you are hunting at these ranges a nice magnum .284 or .308 would probably be more versatile.

I like different, I really do, but this is a headache for reloading. RUM brass isn't that easy to get nor is it cheap. 270 bullet choice is less than .264, .284 or .308. For anything other than long range stuff it will grind meat. It'll be worth nowt of you came to sell it. You'll have t find a reamer or get PTG to make you one. Same with dies. Load data is slim on the ground, the designers pet load may pattern (not group) in your rifle. It needs a 26" barrel minimum (plus moddy).
A lot of arsing about for 7"@400yds.

All considerations to be made but to hell with me. If you want it, get one!!
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