.270 cartrage recommendations


Hi everyone I’m reasonably new to this game and have just purchased a .270 and I’m wondering what advice the .270 owners on here have on cartrage choice for limiting carcace damage on roe ? So far I’m looking at the federal 130g softpoints but keen to tap into your experience .Thanks in advance


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You wont go far wrong with 130 grn feberals. You will drop almost any animal with that including African game up to Kudu and Zebra.


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I use 150 seria game king, the .270 is quite flat and fast ish so a 110/130/150 is going to make a hole no matter what.

You dont want it to run off, also you are going to eat it or sell it!

Just spend some time working out where they go and how to put them there.

Good luck



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I've used the factory Federal 130gr Powershok to good effect. When I took up reloading though, I changed to a 130gr Speer SP over 54gr of H4831 with CCI primers. I get an extra 16 rounds per lb of powder, recoil is reduced, muzzle flip is reduced, and the round will still kill reds out to sensible ranges, as well as being very easy on roe carcasses. Definitely worth a try, I reckon. I can't offer any advice on other bullet weights as I've never found the need for anything other than 130


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I use Winchester power point, both 130 and 150. Very accurate in my rifle. Prefer the 150grain. Doesn't cause as much damage as the 130 if you hit hard bone


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Sellier & Bellot 150 grain ammunition is relatively mild ( about 2,600 fps ), so less damage on small deer or at shorter ranges, than something like a 150-gr at 2,850 fps or a 130-gr at 3,000 fps.


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My suggestion would be for the 140grain bullets, the 130 grain doesn't always exit, I've yet to retrieve a 140, particularly the Hornady superformance.
Very accurate too.


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I use 130 ppu, rifle is plenty accurate with them, nothing I've shot has complained about them, as for meat damage etc , your main aim (no pun intended) is to kill the deer humanely with the 1 shot, meat damage, exiting bullets etc is totally secondary, if you hit bone on the way in it doesn't matter, as long as said deer is dead.


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Try plenty, different cartridges suit different rifles, even within the same make and calibre.

I am perhaps fortunate that my rifle likes one of the cheaper brands, Winchester PowerPoint. 130g


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I use Winchester ballistic Silvertips 130g they are very accurate and hold together that includes African plains game up to Zebra and Kudu as well as Red Stags in Scotland. They are not cheap but they are very good I use the 243 95g version as my go to round for Fallow and Roe, great round IMHO


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Just picked up some Federal vital shock Trophy Copper by accident 130g does anyone use them? The normal vital shock I had were very accurate.

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you don't say what you are shooting or at what range
fairly fundamental info I would say

Roe at 50yds?
Red at 200yds?

as much as bullet choice is as important with the 270 as it is with any other cartridge doing over 3000fps
matching it to intended quarry and range is a biog part of that choice
shot placement

drive a soft point through shoulders of any of the 6 species and expect a lot of mince

Any of the branded softpoints from Gameking to Interlock work well across the species list
Any of the monolithics (when matched to MV and terminal range) or choose ones that don't require a drop in weight class
Personally i see no reason to shoot ballistic tips in a cartridge that has never had a shortage of expansion
with the exception of the ELD-X which I am currently working up a load for my own personal 270 to see how they perform in the carcase