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For Sale: 270 clear out


Well-Known Member
Given up 270, clearing out all gear

factory ,,,, fedral 130gn power shock , 8x boxes of 20 , @ £22-00 per box

fedral, 150 gn vital shock 27 rounds £30-00
IF you take the lot i can throw in a box of 50 x home loads ( 150 match kings)

Brass, once fired fedral, x93 £30-00

fired about 3 times, 60x winchester, 20 x norma £25-00

also fired a few times 100x relcom £30-00

3x boxes of 100 sierra match kings 135 gn @ £22-00 each
100x Nosler ballistic tip 130 gn @ £40-00
I also have some pulled speer 150 gn and a few odds, will throw in if someone takes all the bullets

also have 270 Lee collet die set ( neck and seating) £15-00
rgb 270 dies ( full size and seating ) £15-00

wildcat mod, modular, half inch thread . front part proofed .30 cal

all factory ammo, expanding needs to be face to face, i live near epsom j9 m25 , am in central london a few times a week, and at bisley most weekends
if not face to face , all plus postage
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Well-Known Member
are you selling the complete moderator or parts.if parts how much for the 30cal front section i assume it is the red colour?