.270 Norma SP - Is it just me?


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After finishing with a load of RWS 130gn T-Mantel SP for my .270 I have started to use 130gn Norma SP's as these are avalible locally. On paper they grouped well with no change in point of impact from the RWS.

This week I shot my first two reds with this round and I'm not sure if it's bad luck or or what but the round does not appear to have the same clout as the RWS. Today's hind for instance was shot broad side high-mid sholder and the bullet never even made it into the second shoulder, I know from a similar shot on a stag that the RWS passed through both sholders (I actually have the bullet as it was lodged under the skin of the second sholder it passed through!). And the first hind this week was shot in the neck and she required a follow up shot - on inspecting the neck the bullet had struck bone but not caused the damage I'd have expected with the RWS.

I know every bullet is different but I'm starting to doubt myself, it is just me isn't it? In my head it sounds redicolous that I'm questioning the bullet, has anyone else been through something similar?


That RWS head RWS Tmantel 1.pngRWS Tmantel 2.png


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I have used rws for years, found them ok. I have however changed to norma 140 nosler ballistic tips. They seem to be a bit better in the wind and certainly kill when put in the right bit,


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Not used them for years, but I have shot a few Red deer with 130 grain Norma factory ammunition. I found that when shot through both lungs, they would often stand for a few seconds, swaying before falling dead. Most unsavoury and this ammunition put me off the .270.
I had a brief dalliance with another .270 about ten years ago and found that homeloaded 130 grain Nosler BTs gave far more positive results!


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May I suggest you see if they have or can get the Federal Fusion 150 grain ammunition. It seems to group well in a lot of rifles and it will not give out the results your seeing with that Norma 150 grain from my limited experience with it. It's probably, or it was anyway, cheaper than the Norma and it sure worked for me. OK that was on Roe Buck but others have also commented on how well it performs.


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been using norma 130 for 12 + years would not use a single diffrent pill, nothing and i mean nothing has been more dead on the spot or 30 yards away stone dead you have just been unlucky i guess maybe dont try taking the shoulders out and go for a better placed body shot or neck it (only if your confident in doing so )


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I love 130gn RWS H-Mantle! Superb bullet. Knocks Muntjac about a bit, but drops the Reds no bother. Norma 130's and also Federal 150's with Nosler Partition are also good through mine:british:


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you have just been unlucky i guess maybe dont try taking the shoulders out and go for a better placed body shot or neck it (only if your confident in doing so )
I kinda thought it was just bad luck. Like I said the 130 rws knocked them all clean clean on the spot and I'd never had a runner with them. Then a change in bullet and I have two in one week!
The sholder shot was the sutible shot at the time due to the deers position.


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been using norma 130 for 20+ years would not use a single different factory pill,
I think you may have been unlucky.
they are great bullets for retained energy and I have never had a problem with them penetrating
I have had two consecutive shots with RWS Hpoint in 270 give nasty fractured wounds, one went in broadside low chest and came out through the opposite kidney!

stick with them I say. or reload!