.270 reloading data question


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morning Guys

not been on for a while so how you all doing ?

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I thought i would raise the question in here if any of your reloading gurus have any data for me .

Ok I have been reloading for a while and have had good results in my old .270 with SST heads .

I wanna keep the same round and I have just taken receipt of a New Tikka T3 with Stalon W145 moderator.

Now I use Hogdon H4895 powder and usually load between 42gr and 45gr to test loads but thats data for 130gr Sp's

luckily my old Browning .270 liked 43.5gr powder with the SST's 130gr .

So here is what I am wondering is there specific data for the H4895 and 130gr SST combination or do I just keep using the load data for the SP's??? and where can I find it as I cannot seem to find specific data.

Thanks in Advance



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I have a Montana ASR in 27Win and it loves 58.5gn of H4831sc with a 140gn SST. Cases are Winchester and primers are CCI large rifle. Chronographed at and average 3,062fps out of a 24inch barrel, and groups into .75inch at 100. I have it zeroed to be dead on at 200. It's a little harsh on Fallow deer, but it does kill them fast. Probably more suited to Reds and hogs.


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HI David, I had a 270, you might be using too fast a powder, it is usually a good idea to have a powder that fills the case close to its capacity, I used N165 for best results, from memory my rifle liked 150 gn speer, check data on manufacturers site , but about 59-5 gns, was best results. Also bullet length made a difference, measure the chamber and back off a few 1000's , and check for pressure signs. good luck


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I have used 58gr to 60gr of H4831 with 130gr SP bullets for the last 15 years in my 270, a great round.