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Iv had a .270 win what is the performance like with the wsm over the standard win just interested as I may get myself something different this back end regards Benji


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Don't do it. I'm in complete agreement with Muir.

Bought a Winchester as someone had put down a deposit, failed to pick it up and the dealer wanted rid. I felt like getting something different. Brass was a pain , it was very bullet sensitive and I had real hassle selling it on. An expensive lesson learned.


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Bought a new Winchester 70 in 270 WSM last year and haven't regretted it. Fun to shoot and very accurate. The recoil is perfectly manageable (no mod) and I have never had a problem finding ammunition. Recently started home loading as well. You get an extra 150 fps or so compared to a standard .270 Win, plus in a short action and you don't need a longer barrel to get the best out of it. It is something a bit different which is what attracted me and I gather the calibre is still popular in Europe.
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Owned my 270wsm for ten years now, shot everything from foxes up to reds with it, all with the same load 130gr Sierra pro hunter over 67gr H4831sc very accurate rifle (win Mod 70 Super Stealth) also likes 130gr Nolsler e -tips with RL22 or 150gr Hornady interbonds with H4831sc . Has been used by many of my clients as an estate rifle. Bought it second hand for £550 with Zeiss 8x56, eventually changed the scope for a zoom, best £550 quid I've ever spent (other than the divorce from wife number 1).

Unfortunately they have gone out fashion a bit in the UK, brass is available from Winchester or Remington, but easy enough to get posted over from abroad, just bought another 400 Sierra 130g Pro Hunters for it (£25/100). The only problem I find is that the floor plate mag will only hold 3 rounds, which can be a pain if culling numbers.

Do some research on them, when they were first introduced they were given rave reviews, Bruce Potts took one to Africa with great results, they were designed to produce magnum performance in a short action rifle, which is why they used the 404 Jeffries case as the base of the design. They do provide slighter higher velocities than a 270 win depending on bullet weight, milder on the shoulder. Would I buy another one YES.

Admittedly I do like slightly off from the norm rifles, as I also have a 300 Weatherby Mag (buit by howa in the 80's) and a Lynx TD15 straight pull in 30-06. If you want a very fast flat shooting round try a 257 Weatherby Mag or 7mm Remington Ultra Mag !!!!!!



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I have said this before and here we go again.

The 270WSM was THE best selling calibre for several years in France due to their previous military calibre restrictions, I have been in a french Decathlon store (not exactly a shooters mecca) and it stocked 4 different types of 270WSM ammo so I don't think it will be dying out in Europe anytime soon and really good brass is available made in Europe by Norma, everything else is standard 270.

Yes I have one that I use for all my large game inc several driven boar trips and it has been unfailingly excellent as an all rounder but is it really that much better than a standard 270Win?? Not really IMO, chief advantage for me was the short action and even that is pretty marginal, I just enjoy having something a bit different and a bit better.


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Stay with the standard 270 win. If you love the caliber & want more, then just go straight to the 270wby instead of the wsm. What was the point of the wsm when both these chamberings existed happily together for decades?