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I have run 120TTSX, 145LRX, 160TMK's and am just changing to a 168ABLR which I think is going to be the perfect Deer/LR bullet. I have been using the 129 ABLR in the 6.5 Lapua and 150 ABLR in the 7mm08 and both perform exceptionally well out to 1000 yds on paper and steel as well as on deer.

My 280ai likes IMR7828SSC which I have had great success with and intend to use again with the 168. I sat 60.0 grains under the 160 TMK for 3040 fps. I will see where I get to with the 168 but am expecting to achieve 2950 fps or thereabouts with a bit less powder.

I suffered quite large SD swings until I started using magnum primers which has made a huge difference, going from an SD of 30 or so down to single figures. My advise would be to start with 215M's.

Remember, start low and work up. What works in my gun may not do so in yours.


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58gns reloader 22 topped with a 162 amax. Could push it to 60.5 but it opens up a little after 58 and starting to see presure signs at 60.

paul o'

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At the moment i run 162 Eld-x/ Eld ,Mine is running at 2671 fps , 51gr imr4350 and when that is all gone it will be RS60 with the same load , heavy and slow =less damage down range i'v found on small deer .I could run it 55gr but I dont see the point they still fall over and I get more bangs out of the pot :norty: