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Sold: 284 Bits

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Perfect setup for someone getting in to .284 Win:

.284 Win Redding type S full length sizing bushing die (like new)

.284 Win Redding body die (good condition)

.284 LE Wilson case holder (superficial rust on outside)

Sinclair 7mm pilot stop (like new)

3 x Redding nitride bushings - .308, .309 and .310 (like new)

LE Wilson stainless .284 Win neck bushing die (no allen key, but like new)

LE Wilson .284 Win bullet seating die (slight superficial rust on outside)

Approx 90 x .284 Hornady 120 gr V-Max bullets

Approx 190 x .284 175 gr Sierra Gameking bullets

100 x Unfired! Lapua 6.5 x.284 cases necked up to 7mm, neck turned to 13.5 thou wall thickness, primer pockets deburred/uniformed, trimmed to uniform length, case mouth chamfered inside and out and a final tumble. Ready to load!

Would prefer to sell and as one lot. All of the above would cost in excess of £400 to buy new excluding the bullets.

All of the above, £250 ono posted. Bullets are free with the sale as a whole lot.

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