For Sale: .284win Fclass rifle


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RPA Quadlock action with 32 inch 1/9 twist Bartlein barrel, chambered in straight .284Win which has has exactly 400 rounds down it, it also has a 20MOA rail fitted. Throated for 180gn Berger Hybrids which using the now un-obtainable 4831SC it shot groups of sub 1/2 MOA.

Sits in a blue System Gemini bench rest stock (which I don't think can be bought now) with Shooting Shed front and rear bag riders .

I have 180 cases which are necked up Lapua 6.5x284, these have been neck turned and are good to go complete with Redding Type S bushing neck die set with correct bushing (.312).

I had bought the action from another shooter and Mik Mak at Dolphin built the rifle for me in 2012 when I had aspirations of F-Open, sadly circumstances changed so it's been a proper cabinet queen only selling as I don't use it and shooting interests have changed.

There is also a Shooting Shed cleaning rod guide and Tan coloured AiM60 Drag bag to complete the package.
I would prefer face to face sale, but could RFD at buyers cost.

£1800 seems a fair price. Could also do a part swap for a good quality .22 Semi-Auto AR.

For sale elsewhere including Guntrader

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