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Just to say that i am back from Sika hunt which i successfully bid for in the M&S Auction.
I had "PURE DEAD BRILLIANT TIME" as a guest of Sikamalc and also met up with site regulars Wadashot,smithyp18, legaleagle and the long suffering Fran and had a couple of visits from Jayb and his wife.It did cross my mind that as the only Scotsman there i had only been invited to keep things PC.
Anyway to the shooting, i had never shot in this area before and the scenery was tremendous with snow on the tops and a wild Caledonian forest to stalk in. I seen plenty of deer and managed to bump into a couple of Reds (cheers Phil) and got into a young Sika Stag which although nothing like Wadders (the only man to mainline tea) will still be remembered for ever as it was my first Sika Stag.
There was a good mix of folks in the house with them northern lads entertaining us with stories of Whippets and Ferrets while the house was filled with the heady reek(smell) of damp flat caps or was that Frans wee problem.In contrast Malc , being a southern p**da,as the northern chapter called him,regailed us with stories of Morris dancing, weaving very tough pieces of ribbon round a pole,(apparently these chaffed your hands after a whole day at it) and eating eels.
The food in the house was all different to me , for example take the first meal,NO PLEASE , SOMEBODY PLEASE TAKE IT.It sounded grrreat a good piece of Pork, but to my surprise instead of eating one of the finer cuts of the pig which we would eat in Scotland, we ate its feet, very strange but heyho ,when in Rotherham.
Anyway thanks again to all involved and i hope that we can meet up again sometime for shooting and some banter .

Cheers Davie


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pleased you had such great time watch eagle as he will have you dancing round the campfire! The rest of group I will endeavour to meet in the future I sincerely hope. Harder bidding on the next shoot n scoot!!. The enjoyment carries on with bids and offers being fulfilled , real people honouring pledges. Hats off to you all.


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Well Davie you saucy bugger, you got back safely then, good. Glad you had a good time, I can report the banter continues, and the deer are still being knocked over.

Wadas is still in top form, he has now turned his hand to film making, and in it he shows he willingness to help others by the great encouragement he is offering Phil (smithy) when he is dragging a beast through the heather. Unfortunately unless the script is heavily edited or removed completely it will never be fit for public consumption :eek: . It is however funny and I suspect that selected audiences will get a showing.

We are having a last supper tonight up at the Lodge which will be good, last night we were out at a restaurant where after studying the wine list intently Waddas ordered a pint of lager. :D :D

There is a lot more I could say but I shall leave it to the "stars" of the show, but they have all had a good time and seen some wonderful sights, well except for legal he missed out a bit in the wonderful sight department, its a binocular thing, I'm sure someone will mention it ;)

Well done Davie.



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Gald you enjoyed the outings, raised some good cash, met genuine like minded folk and you enjoyed youself. Thanks again to Malcolm for the donation.



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Well, What can i say Dave, what a bloody nice bloke you are, you really did fall right into place with the banter, dinner making, deerstalking, and ofcourse the tea mashing ;) :lol:

Good on ya mate.



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It was a pleasure to meet you Davie :D

However Fran was grizzling a bit :mad: while I was howling at the comment above :lol:
As for that bleedin Wadas he went out an shot my expensive 4 quid binos off ebay, :evil:

Mind you it did take him three shots to actually hit them in the end :lol:
was a great time we all enjoyed meeting Davie very very much although his cullinary tastes are a bit odd ;) never eard the likes abloke who don't eat trotters is a bit of a poof probably been crossed with a southener at some point rather than a true bred scot :lol:


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Hi Legal, thanks for the comments, as i said i really enjoyed myself and it was easy for me to relax in such company.I am not aware of any southern blood in my family although i do make the odd for-ray over the border to widen the gene pool, this is on a request basis only and should be booked early!!!!