3 Good Sika Stags ~ Wicklow Ireland

Three lovely Irish Sika Stags from a few days stalking in Wicklow.

All three were whistled in, however all showing different responses.

The middle one came charging in, snorting and groaning as he was running. Finally took him at 10m. Was an incredible experience.

The big one on the left as you look, I called on the only really cold morning from some spruce in a valley below. He was just standing on the edge looking up in my direction seeing what was calling as such. I measured this stag quickly expect him to go silver.

The last one. Whistled back at me, so I moved closer when he crossed the track at some 50m after the 7th Hind / Calf.

A special place, sadly doesn’t look like I will be able to get back over before all the action is over.




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Looks like you had a very good trip, some cracking stags. It is fantastic when they come running in at you. Well done


Daft Dog

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Nice one Alex, they are all lovely looking beasts, the one on the left is an absolute stonker!

Well done!



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Thanks guys. Yes very lucky and for me, nothing is better in the UK than Sika Stalking.

Jim, you also had a cracking Sika Stag. Well done, good to see you getting out and about.