3 people on TV that pi$$ you off?

Hornet 6

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Unlike you it would seem, nobody on TV can pi$$ me off.
Why you ask, because my TV has an off switch.


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Ellie Harrison
Jessie Ennis
Helen George

Only because I have never met etc any of them. I could disappoint any one of them really quickly :oops: !
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I don't have a TV, but that doesn't stop any so-called "TV celebrity" from getting on my wick!
You`re the most sensible bloke on here ....
My three ..
The man who invented tv because he stopped my mrs from doing any house work.
The man who invented the www because he stopped my mrs from doing any housework.
Me because I let them into the house.
Oh.. and Bear `where`s my hotel for tonight` Grills.