3-position safety for LH CZ 550


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Good morning folks,
Does anyone know where I could get a 3-position Winchester style safety for my left handed CZ 550 Safari Magnum? My other rifles all have the same style and I would prefer my DG rifle to operate the same.
Thanks in advance.


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I've fitted a few - you need to buy from Ed Lapour. A. as long as he's still willing to ship outside the US, and B. as long as you're willing to up the dosh. For a cheaper option that may need you to do some fitting, there's Gentry. I've fitted a few of those too, and they work well, just need a little love before they're spot on timing wise. Be prepared to have to work on your cocking piece of course, or paid a good smith to do it for you.

Fully agree, for a DG rifle there's no place for the BRNO style safety. I LOVE my BRNO's more than any other rifles, BUT, for a DG rifle, there's only two options IMHO
a. Mauser Flag Safety
b. 2 Position Side safety - yep, said 2,,don't see the need for a 3 position when on a DG rifle things may need to happen quickly, no quibble, and no questions.

However, unless you're converting a mauser mil bolt shroud with a horizontal 2 pos (the way it 'should' be done), you may struggle to find a 2 position commercially. Trevor Proctor did the best m98 bolt shroud 2 pos conversions on argy 1909's I saw done, tolerances and machining was just spot on.