3 things i had for tea


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Leg of mutton, sprouts and tatties.
Can't beat it, none of that lamb rubbish in this house :D


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1. Fruitcake
2. More Fruitcake
3. Still More Fruitcake

All with strong tea and scoffed between casting a worm into a low Winter sun on the Thames at Marlow.




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Am in a hotel down the road fro the first day of the Shooting Show. For Tea I had to endure:
- Steak Diane cooked at the table
- A nicely large glass of a qualuty Bordeaux
- Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream

The Tea and large Brandy has just been ordered. Life is Good.


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langostine,s ,garlic butter sauce and skinny fries,with fresh french stick and some nice white wine mmm:drool:.early valentines nosh as well as

Chris Rob

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Haddock, cheese & leek fish cakes, chips, peas & carrots washed down with a nice Chilean Zealand Sauvignon Blanc just what I needed after a long afternoon working in Liverpool & an even longer drive back to Oxfordshire :D