3 things I'd rather be doing than surfing SD?


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drinking beer at sunset on rhodes.driving a 355 daytona again,awesommmmme .watching dolphins off cocoa beach with an ice cold coors as the sun rises .memories of happy


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‎1. Lying half naked in a wee depression on Ealing Common with a 17-year old and wanting the world to stop rather than walk her home to Elms Lane. (1974 in case you figure on reporting me!)

2. Running my fingernail down a November frost as adhered to the inside of the bedroom window before slipping the highly figured walnut stock of a .22 HW35 Export between the welcoming folds of Brady's finest canvas & leather rifle slip.

3. ‎ Cooking my Daughter breakfast after an early morning squirrel hunt as the sun floods across the Greensand Ridge and mist lingers in the hollows.



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1.Sitting on the rear deck of a boat somewhere in the coral sea after a day of spearfishing for dogtooth tuna. Everything is cleaned & packed from the days events & ready for the next. The sun is resting on the pink horizon, the ocean is like glass, a hearty dinner is about 10 mins from being tabled & you're having a beer with your mates as they recall their days events.

2.That first step of a long awaited journey. It doesn't matter what you've forgotten to do or take now. It's too late to worry. All you can do now is to breath out, relax, enjoy the journey & the anticipation of what is to come.

3. Catching up wildlife. There is always a point usually not long after it's started where you can taste the situation in the air. Both man & beast are cautious & aroused. There is fear, doubt & adrenalin mixed with determination & an ever increasing need to maintain control & predict the prevent the next "anxious moment". It could be just one or several hundred animals & no two times or situations are ever the same. I often dread the situation at the time, yet as soon as its finished, i"m eager to start another & quickly forget & ignore the cuts, bruises & punctures. Getting old sux.



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Simple things....

1. Biting into a lightly toasted slice of bread, buttered with butter straight from the 'fridge, some still solid, some dripping, topped with just a little too much Marmite.
2. That moment driving down the highway when a song comes on that you haven't heard in an age which takes you back to a better time and place.
3. Bacon. Full stop.

rogue trader

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1. Driving around the Delta in Botswana eating Biltong
2. Stalking with either a rifle or camera (wildlife not ex's or Z list Celebs)
3. Sea fishing anywhere in the world


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Not many have said stalking yet...
I'd drink p1ss to get more time and chance to go stalking and some of you are saying toast and bloomy marmite! :lol: