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For Sale: 3 Zeiss Scope all must go all reasonable offers considered


Well-Known Member
1 x Zeiss Victory HD 3-12x56 Used condition with mounts £1500 ono

1 x Zeiss V8 2.8-20x56 elevation only light Use with Recknagel Picatinny Mounts £2000 ono

1 x Zeiss V8 4.8-35 x 60 ASV elevation only As new condition with Zeiss Mounts Picatinny Rail £2100 ono

You know what your buying lads I have the boxes etc for all scopes no silly offers if you require photos PM me with email

no swaps or Part ex's this a purely a sale as im no longer stalking deer
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paul o'

Well-Known Member
have a bump mty good luck
I tried to sell my V8 x56 asv plus wind asv for 1900 dropped to 1800 I had lots of Q's on how when and why but no sale ? bet if you offer it for £1500 it will go ;) @ £2400 cost , I feel they are worth the price we put on them for resale but hay ho everyone likes a bargain at another's loss I think of it like this you are giving away the cost of a rifle ???


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has the Zeiss V8 4.8-35 x 60 ASV got the Zeiss lense covers with it and is it 0.5 or 1 cm clicks


Well-Known Member
Mine has 0.5cm dialling on the 4.8x35 which I was led to believe was standard. Ive had all the good makes I only use V8s now. Super scopes