.30-06 165-170 gr bullets

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Hi Guys,
I currently load 150 gr speer spitzers in my .30-06 at about 2950 ish fps with reloader 19.
i also load 145 gr speer spitzers in my 7mm08 at about the same velocity with a better ballistic coefficient and higher sectional density. The 7mm is an excellent deer killer

there is no need to continue to do this. and there is a full 12 grain difference in powder used. I am thinking that i will look to load some heavier bullets in the .30-06 maybe 165-170 gr as they are still pretty fast and flat 2900 fps and high co efficient.
I fancy trying the "grom" bullet from ppu. Has anyone used it? or are there any other recomendations for 165 gr bullets?

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