30 06 ammo what are you guys using


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Having just sold my 270 win to my father , I decided to go for a 30 06 I have had my cert back the rifle has been ordered 6 months ago so should be here :D:D Anytime soon ,now I will be reloading so just to get me started what ammo do you find the best ,it will be used for fox to reds ,or what reloads you are using ,IE powder heads etc all help very welcome thanks Steve


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I am on 55gn of H380 and 150 gn amax and game kings, depending on what i am doing. Gives 2850 fps with my set up. Works well for reds and roe


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Mine loves Sako 123gn (foxes hate them) but I would be careful using them on something I was eating as they can make a bit of a mess and for Deer I use 150gn or 180gn Federals .


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165 grn Nosler Partitions with 55.5 grns of H4350.CCI Mag. primers I use this load for every thing from fox, Muntjac to African games plain. This is great in my CZ 550 American. Very accurate.


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i use 220grn sako hammerheads factory ammo, shot a roe with it saturday and it was minimal meat damage, will use on moose and bear this autumn and have used it on a very large english red too. good ammo that hits with authority. however i wouldn't want to shoot past 200 yards


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!80grn for everything. 180 balistic tips for pigs & little deer under 140kg, & 180 premium bullets for larger deer. Both shoot close enough that resighting isnt needed.


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Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to change?
I have always wanted a 30 06 and 30 cal heads easy to get in my area plus the sako black bear I ordered didn't come in 270 cal, for deer and fox shooting I don't see 30 06 no advantage over the 270 win I like both my father bought my 270 win anyway