30.06 factory ammunition recommendation ?


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Hey folks,
first time hunting with a center fire rifle this year.... Grew up hunting whitetail deer in Ohio and could only use shotgun and slug or muzzle loader... Hunting Roe and Boar now with a mauser 98 30.06. Asked at the local gun shop and was sold PPU 170 gr GROM as the best 1 round for all. Killed 1 buck with a neck shot that dropped it in it's tracks. Running low so called to get another box and the guy is sold out with none in sight.... Can either drive all over the country, order and pay twice the price, or find another choice.
My only option for a zero range (range of any kind as far as that goes) is 35 meters...
So, the big ???
what 1 off the shelf round (brand, weight, and type bullet) will handle both roe and boar with a quick kill and minimum meat loss. And shoot flat enough to be able to zero at 35 meters and still handle up to 200 meters without a lot of compensation?
Any tips appreciated.



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My tip, as always, is to buy ammo that you can get a good relaible supply of. I'm not trying to be a smart ass but just pointing out that it needs to be a big factor in any decision as there is nothing worse, I've been there, that getting the rifle zeroed with one type of ammo only to hear that you are unable to buy any more. So, then you zero with another type of ammo and next thing you know you can't get any more if it either and so you keep going around the circle.

So, I'd go to the local gun shop and get them to sell you something suitable that they can supply with some degree of reliability. In your rifle I'd guess most of the common weights and types of ammo will be pretty suitable for your job.


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Hi Dave


I use Blaser CDP 10.7gr (165gr) for all my 30 calibre rifles 308, 30-06 and 300 Win Mag. In the 30-06 there is a drop of 12.5cm (5 inches) at 200m. Don't believe the ballistic rubbish they print on the packaging as it overly optimistic. I buy in bulk typically 300-500 at a time. The accuracy is pretty good and it knocks the quarry down from Roe to Boar. I have recovered a couple of rounds from red dear and the bullets expands like a mushroom, with all 4 partitions folding back nicely.

All the best

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