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Sold: .30-06 Tikka M695 + T8

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Hi all,

Very regretfully selling my .30-06 - just got married and finances are in a bad way so needs must!

Love this gun - accurate, solid, good-looking. It shoots as all Tikkas do and is well under an inch with a variety of factory ammo - haven't attempted reloading for 30-06 yet but I'm sure it'd respond well to it. Round count 600ish and has been used for stalking, fixing and zeroing - no target shooting or anything.

Blueing is in good nick, just the usual patch where the T8 mod has scratched it off. Stock is lovely, few small dinks and scratches but these are minor. Action is great, trigger great, gun has been cleaned and oiled after each and every outing.

T8 mod is in good nick and isn't showing any major signs of rusting or anything. No thread protector for rifle, and scope/mounts NOT included, just rifle and mod. Rifle and mod haven't missed a beat and have been the perfect stalking combo. Rifle is a pussycat with mod on.

Selling rifle, mod and 40-odd factory cartridges (mixture of 165gr federal fusions, 180gr PPU, 180gr Winchester Super X) for £500. Face to face only at this stage - may consider RFD transfer further down the line but for now would prefer a collection.

many thanks :)

Skinner image.jpg as on my .22 and 12g for sale threads, it's only letting me add one picture (not sure why) - will try add the others later.
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No idea why but it won't let me add any more pics - if interested PM me your email address and I can email more pics if you need them :)
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