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hi i am intrested to know what people think of the 30.06 as a calibre,as i am thinking of buying one .

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Have a look in rifles & calibre section, i was asking the same question a few weeks back, now sent of FAC to have 30-06 added. job done!
Good luck!


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if you want a calibre that can do everything it is definitely the way to go as you can load it up with 200's or 220's for boar or all the way down to 120gr for say old Charlie and everything in between, i personally am a fan of 165gr to get the perfect balance between bullet weight and velocity for deer through to the occasional boar and if Charlie happens to pop out well, I'm sure he's not fussy, and if he is. He hasn't complained yet :)
And the really nice part is that i have a Blaser that makes it really easy to swap my scopes if i change bullet for any particular reason.


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this is my caliber of choice.. have no problem taking large North American game with it yearly.

its a drop anything round.


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The 30 06 is really at home with those loading for it and changing billets for different purposes,
thats where it stands on its own. As a one bullet rifle with a medium weight it's not here nor there against the other 6.5 to 30 cals in mid weight bullets. If you are looking for a gun with one designated round in the 150g class, you could really go 6.5, .270, 7mm or .308 just as well
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