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Wanted: .30 Carbine Reloading equipment and consumables


Well-Known Member
Looking to start reloading for my M1 .30 Carbine, there's limited info and resources in the UK for this caliber, most of my searches has pulled up very little, soif anyone has information on relaoding this cal. then I'd love to hear from you! I'm looking for information on:

FMJ bullets - The best brand, weights and types for 100-200yard paper punching
Cases - Where to find once fired brass
Powder - Best powders and weights that correspond with point 1.
Dies - Any leads on sourcing second hand Dies

Rifle accessories - Looking for some period correct magazines, 15 round ones, if anyone knows any of these existing in the UK or can advise on any US suppliers who would ship, it would be much appreciated.

All the best


A Shot in the dark

Well-Known Member
HI James
Firstly what rifle are you using? this is regarding magazines? If it is a M1 Carbine I do have a magazine to fit that rifle!
Once fired brass I have some that too which I bought of the state many years ago - when you could buy brass for there!
I see that there is set of dies on eBay at this moment in time- the make is CH they are advertise as LEE dies but they are not - there is no one bidding them and I would guess they will not be expensive to buy - opening bid 99p with postage of £3.80 - the item number is 291690375736
I have 2 firearms in this calibre - Taurus LBR and a Southern Gun Company Rifle (AR copy)
It is a nice round out to 100yards and then after that not so accurate!
I used 110grs full metal jacket which there is some ex military stuff floating around for around £10 to £15 per 100, I also used Hornady V-Max which may be a little to long of a M1 Magazine but very accurate in my Southern Gun Company Rifle.
I used several loads in them mainly pistol powders, it is a very similar load to a 357 Mag calibre or so I have found.
Drop me PM and I'll found you some more info