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Sold: 300 Win Mag

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The Pig

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Very reluctantly up for sale is my 300 Win Mag built by Mike at Brock & Norris.

Remington 700 blueprinted action bedded into a black spiderweb B&C A-5 adjustable, 28" heavy profile True Flite 1:10 barrel which is cut 18x1, 20 MOA rail and 5 shot box mag, timed 2 port brake. I also have a TRG brake that I will include if the full asking price is met.

Rifle is MINT, and unmarked.

I had somewhere to stretch the legs of this rifle, but sadly no more. Shot count is 65,
run in, and 50 rounds at Orion where it performed flawlessly.

I can include the set of Forster Bench Rest dies that came with it, 100 brass, primers, load data,
heads and powder, also approx 50 loaded rounds.

Looking for £1900.

Thanks, Paul.
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