300 wm


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After opinions!

Im looking for a Long range target 300wm, that i can also use in africa at some point.

28" and some form of tactical stock for now. Options I have thought about are the TRG and sandero.

Thanks all.


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There was a 300 wm for sale on UKV. It was a TRG so might be a bit heavy for African activities but should take care of the long range stuff.


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what about two stocks?

I have a Tikka 658 in 300wm with nice wooden traditional stock
good for stalking and I hope for running boar
Stalking include walking, hills, off stocks, kneeling, sitting, prone. AFAIK the best stock for a full range is a traditional one

I am also building a AICS clone using Viper skins for long range target work.
had to source a 338lm magazine to accommodate the longer OAL of my target load

easy to switch a stock


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Yes thats what I intend to do, one stock for hunting and another for lomg range shooting.

I guess Im after which is the best barrel action and trigger package for under about 3k max


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What about a Mauser m03 in 300 WM ?

Standard factory extreme stock for game

standard factory GRS adjustable stock for long range

You can add another few barrels if required and also you can strip it all down for travelling etc and should be able to sell on easily when the time comes


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Only comes in .243, 6mm Creedmoor and .308

I have a .300 in AICS but tooooo heavy for a day on the hill or in the bush!


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Ahh ok, the problem its there are a limited number of options, but if be lucky to find one in stock to see, so will be buying kind of blind.


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Blaser R8 long range also in GRS sporter/varmint stock. Should be available in .300 Win Mag and then you could always add a 6.5x47 barrel as well.