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Hi, just in the process of applying for the fac.
i want a .308 for target and occasional paid deer stalks, but I heard that I may need to apply for 7.62x51 if I want to buy mil surprise ammo, is this true?
also I would at some point like to have a cheap mosin nagant, therefore would I need to apply for 7.62x54 as well?
also in regards to target shooting a .308, would I also need to apply for expanding ammo as I would be going on paid deer stalks maybe once a year?

Hope somebody can help as I'm really confused now!


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Apply for .308/7.62 thus covering you should anyone kick up a fuss when buying millsurp ammo.
you should also apply for expanding ammo for deerstalking.
if you also want a Moisin nagant then you will need a separate slot for that 7.62x54


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That is good advice from PALMERMIKE. Apply for 1x .308"/7.62mm rifle to acquire (indeed some are marked on the barrel .308W and others 7.62x51) and how ever many rounds of, again, .308"/7.62mm to possess including an allowance in that for unloaded soft point bullets.

This also covers you if you handload and use surplus military cases headstamped as 7.62mm if ever that were to be queried when ammunition was being inspected on a renewal visit. Even though you have never ever purchased any complete loaded rounds of 7.62mm!

And for the Moisin Nagant 1x 7.62mm Moisin Nagant rifle or 1 x 7.62x54R and for the ammunition I'd put down just how ever many rounds of 7.62mm Moisin Nagant as, to be a bit anal, some makers list it as 7.62x54R and others, Lapua I think, as 7.62x53R even though it is the same cartridge for the same rifle! Most odd!
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