318 Picked….


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This field of rape stubble was shot not long after it was cut, also the long spell of very hot weather has had the birds feeding very late so not practical to shoot it. One of the many things I have learnt about pigeon shooting is the timing not only of the shot but when to go. What is lost out the back of a combine sits under the straw rows, so after it is bailed the birds can find a lot more food.

Harry is know hooked on pigeon shooting so was keen for a day out, the rain had held them back for today also everyone on the farm was grateful for a days rest.

The strong breeze and cool conditions had the making of a good day as the birds had built up in numbers. My spot covered 3 lines they crossed the field also the noise of the shooting kept the other field clear.

I was on around 40 when Harry arrived with birds decoying very well, we picked the long birds as this only causes the new ones to stop short of the killing area.

Shooting was constant through the day with Chip picking his share that fell to the surrounding hedges.




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No, back at home for a little while thankfully!

Looking forward to shooting some pigeons here after harvest in autumn!