325WSM and Mry716

Leica Amplus 6


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Due to circumstances - see.............


...............I have not been using my Pc very much and have infrequently been onto this site.

Since I have received no notification of messages in my site inbox I didn't realise various folk had written to me. My apologies to those of you who may have thought me rude in not replying - it was not my intention to ignore your mail.

Most of the mail is now at least a few weeks old and may not now need a reply but if you would care to email me direct on mry716@hotmail.com I will endeavour to respond within a day or so.

I ask to be contacted via email as my wife will also see my mail being Hotmail and will inform me accordingly even if I am not able to use the PC.


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It's been a while since you posted. I know you didn't expect it to but has your condition improved any?


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I hope the prospects for your future are improving and that you and your wife are doing more together in your retirement. Nice to hear from you, All the best for the future.



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Nice to see you are still keeping in touch I really hope the hearing troubles do improve soon wish you all the best I appreciated all the advice you gave me when I was looking for a rifle


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All the best 325 nice to see you are still around and keeping a eye on us.

Best rgds

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