.357 load for 100m. advice please

Leica Amplus 6


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Target I assume?
180grain Sierra #8370 Full Profile Jacket bullet with a load of H110 behind it. I used to use a moderately hot load and it'd group with 6" out of a Colt Python at that range.
I have a friend who's having a lot of luck with the RamShot True Blue and the groups he's getting out of a Marlin are very small (five shots overlapping at 25 yards anyway).

No current data as my 357 Uberti Winchester 1873 isn't made for walloping loads and gets fed on Vectan Ba10 and Hodgdon Trail Boss.


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Go to Hodgdon's web site and look up some Lil Gun loads. Hi velocity, low pressure. I'm working up some .357 handgun loads at the moment. Excellent! ~Muir
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