.358 Norma magnum


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The .358 NM. A forgotten calibre in many parts but as good as Thor`s Hammer when one has one in his claw.

I love my own,its a commercial `98 PH action,Stainless hand lapped Mab/TSE barrel and a fully bedded B+C wrapped around her.

180 grain Woodleigh Hydro`s spitting fire and brimstone makes this a beast!

Its a shame that this calibre doesnt get the recognition that it deserves.

alberta boy

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An old friend of mine has a Husqvarna , I don't remember which model , in 358 NM . He's used it on everything for more years than I care to remember . He lives up in Ft. Nelson , B.C. and has taken a lot of Moose , Grizzly and other big game with it . I offered to buy it once and he just laughed in my face , it is definitely his " go to " rifle . The 358 Norma will take anything we have here with power to spare ........and then some .