36 yrs and still going strong


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After a good friend missed his first roe buck using my rifle (ruger no1V in 6mm rem) I thought i had best check zero.
Pleased to say it wasnt the rifle at fault.
The shot was 175mts off sticks.
Not bad for a 36yr old rifle. SORRY GOT IT WRONG ITS 31 YEARS OLD NOT 36. DOH.:doh::doh::doh:

ruger no1 zero check x1.jpg ruger no1 zero check x2.jpg
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Very good shooting off sticks, i am still practising on the sticks and getting better, not as good as you but getting there, I see a lot of posts about " round count" and barrels being "shot out" which I happen to think is a load of cra* you are getting very good accuracy from a 36 year old rifle,,,,,,, what do you recon the round count is, i will bet it is far more than some people are claiming that the rifle is shot out at
I shoot a Sako 22-250 bought new 2 years ago and a .308 brno age unknown round count , no idea and both group sub 1/2 inch at 100 yds
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I lost count of the rounds that have gone through it Ray. i planned on rebarreling it several years ago, but it still shoots great so no panic. i darent look at the inside of the barrel though.
I clean it pretty regularly, and have used wipeout for a while now,
Im using the stable sticks and find them really good,