Wanted: .375 H&H Mag


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Starting to plan for a big Boar trip and a visit to Africa next year. Looking to purchase a .375 H&H Mag so thought I would check if anyone on here is looking to sell theirs?

Pm’s please.


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I don't know what your budget is but Greenfields in Salisbury have a new Mauser M03 synthetic PH model for sale.
I picked up an M03 in .375 just this last week with a wooden stock and it is a joy to shoot.

Mauser .375 H2,495.


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If you may use the rifle on dangerous game CRF may be the way to go. The Francotte looks beautiful by the way.



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I have a new unused interarms mark x barrelled action, basically a commercial mauser 98 action with controlled round feed and nice adjustable trigger with safety (so no safety on bolt) complete with floorplate etc
Boyds, McMillan and numrich do stocks to fit but any mauser 98 pattern stock (parker hale even!)would be made to fit with a bit of work
pm email address for pics if you’re interested
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I’m not sure but I can compare when I get home, on holiday at the moment for another 10 days ��