3D Printed Sako P94S Magazines


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Hi folks,

After seeing the price/availability of Finnfire mags, I decided to have a crack at making some of my own.

I've designed this 5 shot with an extended base and groove, as I found the flush originals are a bit fiddly to remove when empty.

Been testing for a little while now, and it fits snug and feeds smoothly.

I may be looking for a UK P94S owner or two to test some out for me if there's any interest? 😁

Assuming they test well in use for people, I may offer some for sale. Will also be working on a 10 shot version shortly - but could do with getting my hands on an original for a bit to measure up..

P94S Mag.jpg
Hello Jolly good,

Did you carry on with this? I've got a P94S and it'd be interesting to try one.

A few test mags went out last week. Good feedback so far, waiting on a couple to get back to me.

Based on feedback I will be offering some of these for sale in the near future as there does seem to be demand for them. If anybody is interested please feel free to shoot me a message. 👍
Lovely job - not sure about the mainland but you might get a knock on the door as over here in NI mags are (apparently) integral parts of a firearm; there was even a recent cunning plan to treat a new purchase as a variation to your fac (at only £30 a pop)! Fortunately our shooting organisations got this shelved (or maybe just paused) but only after an uproar when the police unilaterally implemented it - without any consultation whatsoever and apparently not quite aware that the european firearms directive didn’t apply!
Confusing - of course it is - however it gives a little insight into how their minds are working and maybe coming to a town near you….
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Lovely job - not sure about the mainland but you would get a knock on the door over here in NI - mags are treated as integral parts of a firearm now and there is/was a recent plan to treat a new purchase as a variation to your fac at £30!
Didn't realise that about NI! Mags aren't a controlled part here, only pressure bearing parts are licensed as I understand it (and mods of course..)
I've been manufacturing these for some time, my 10 shot mags are fairly well received.

I'd also be wary of using the Sako logo on the bottom.
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