Available: 4 Day Driven Trip - Hungary, December 2018 - Plus the Scrofa Guarantee

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KEMENCE, Hungary TRIP 16-21 DECEMBER 2018

We've run this trip for a few years now and it's always a good one. Last year 14 hunters shot 118 animals, comprising 97 wild boar, 19 deer and 2 mouflon. Both newbies shot very nice keilers (see below) and one also took his first VERY long range mouflon.

The basic cost is fixed at £3160 per hunter and includes a bag of up to 4 animals (wild boar or red hinds/calves) per hunter over 4 hunting days. The bag usually consists of a minimum of 75-80% wild boar. If anyone kills more than 4 pieces then you pay an additional 250 Euros per piece.

The only extra costs to pay are air fares, alcoholic drinks, transfers to and from the airport and tips. As normal in Kemence there are NO trophy fees on Keilers whatsoever, but larger tuskers (above 16cm) will be retained at the end of the hunting trip for official measurement and then posted to the UK (to a single address) about a fortnight later. There may be a chance to shoot a mouflon (ewe or lamb) at an additional cost.

Any overages together with transfers, alcoholic drinks and tips are to be paid in cash at the end of the hunting trip in December. The total cost of all drinks shall be shared equally amongst the group and usually comes to about 60 Euros each.

As with all of our trips this year, this is underwritten by the Scrofa Guarantee:

[FONT=&amp]Join us one of our driven hunts this winter in Hungary and, if you don't manage to shoot at wild boar, we will take you on one of our stalking breaks to Vac, Hungary for 2 days free of charge. You would pay only for your flights.[/FONT]

Moreover, if you shoot at wild boar during a driven hunt, but do not connect, we will take you for an outing in the Forest of Dean to spend an evening over a baited feed station. Again, this would be free of charge, you would only pay for the carcass if you were successful and you wanted to purchase it.

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