4 days across the south UK


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Both Robin and myself got back from 4 days stalking on two major areas I have in the south. For those that do not know Robin, you will find him a kind patient man and a good stalker, it was a pleasure to have him along.

Weather was reasonable and first stop was Dorset on a lease I have for Jap Sika. We came away with 3 deer, 2 hinds and 1 spiker stag. Next stop was West Sussex and a large area I have just taken access to, 2,500 acres and in two outings we took 3 Roe doe's and 2 Fallow doe's.

Wet, tired and got back Saturday after leaving on Tuesday. It has taken me the best part of half a day to clean the truck, quad and trailer of mud.

Cheers Robin, hope you got back home OK. ;)


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Ayup Malcom, i did hear on the grapevine that you and Robin had done pretty good towards the back end of the week, mind you, you did ring me to tell me that you had got 3 hinds at the start of the week, remember, it was when i was at work feeling crap as it was :confused:.

Well done to you both ;)



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I can barely make to my own ground at the moment , never mind north to south !!
Well a few productive days indeed well done to all .
Wadas can go back to sleep now ,and continue his dream. mind your fingers on that machine though!
cheers Trapper


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Good stuff,
it sounded like you both were having a good time when we spoke before you moved to the other ground and it got better welldone,



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Hi Malc
Sounds like you had more success than I did this weekend.
We were out on the Boar Friday night (blank), Roe on Saturday night (blank) and Munties on Sunday morning (blank) but that's stalking :D



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Hi Malc
Well done Mate sounds like quite a trip, I was working then felt rubbish all weekend reckon I got it being tucked up in a high seat with Wayne. Mother warned me about boys like him.

Still need something for the xmas table hope it don't rain at the weekend

Ghost :lol:


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Four days across the south.

Hi lads and lassies,
Thank you Malcolm for the kind words, it was a pleasure stalking with you again, as those who know you will tell, you always put your guests first and last week was no exception.Hopefully I will be able to return the compliment when you are free.
I will try and fill in some of the bits malc missed out. The ground had been subjected to a drag hunt a few days before our arrival, as the owner is Master of the hounds, to say the animals were skittish is an understatement, Sika are very wary at the best of times, the slightest noise or whiff of us and they were off,one of the fields is the best part of half a mile long with a gorse hedge down one side, the deer like to hang along the edges, if they heard or smelt you they would appear at the gallop run down the middle of the field and not stop until they were at the far end the best part of half a mile away.
But they had not reckoned with Malc and his 30.06, carefully peering round a gate post we spied a small herd watching some horses walking up to our gate, a spiker stood broadside on at 265 yds having a pee,
I said to malc its now or never he is going to be still for a few more seconds and to go for the shot.Watching through the bins i heard the shot and watched, the deer dropped on the spot, dead as a doornail.
Probably one of the best shots i have seen in 40 years stalking.
Through much trial and plenty of error we shot a few more animals in Dorset. One evening driving back on the quad i glanced to the side and through the darkness saw a small herd of animals running along side us ,stopping just before we reached the truck,I lifted the tail gate and picked out the spotlight and gave a sweep across the field, I said Malcolm have you seen this ? :eek: 8 hinds and an 8 point stag 50 yds away looking straight at us, a goldmedal head if ever we saw one


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Hi Robin,

It all reads so much more neatly than when you hear about it on the phone ;) :D :D



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well done to both of you.mind you wadas at least me and you kept the country in chemicals and steel.sounds like hell down south :lol: i dont think we would enjoy all that :lol: and i hear they dont do puddings in the chippys down there!!


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Now now Andy,
You and I know that the steel is going to sit on the shelf, and the chemicals are going to pollute the land :cry: , so why not join me in a nice cup of Earl Grey, sit down on the veranda while the maid brings us our cucumber sandwiches. :p I will ask her to put on her "special" uniform and serve you first :rolleyes: ;)


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OH NO :eek: Not that perfumed earl grey stuff again Robin :lol: :lol:

Wada's try as I may I cant get this sussex lad to drink proper tea........you know the stuff that stains your teeth and plenty of sugar so the spoon stands up straight in the mug :lol:

Andy you are more than welcome to pay a visit with or without rutting Fester (Nick) later on and we shall try for some deer.


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You sound like you had a cracking time guys .. if it was half the week we had as Malcs guests I am sure you would need to travel many miles to find another host to even get close to the hospitality we all enjoyed :D

Well done both of you and echo Wadas sentiments sat here reading and green with envy .. :lol: