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Was just wondering what folk on here use or would suggest? Badly needing a new motor and I'm after something that I can charge up and down the A9 in,(with reasonable mpg) can get across stubble/moderate mud/snow and et enough gear into for a dog box+hide gear or a carcasses tray. I'm split between an old banger jimny + a normal car like a golf,(but 2 cars isn't ideal) or is there something that ticks all the boxes?

interested to hear any suggestions? I'd go pickup but I'm looking at 30mpg


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not sure where you are as no details in your profile

but I think a xtrail, or one of the vitaras ... not the new one but the last ones seem good,

the he older ones are what I like and a great fan of them but they are not that great on fuel.


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I replaced our disco3 with a skoda superb 4x4, I then fitted Spaccer suspension lift to improve ground clearence, it's a family car, my other car is a defender so i take that stalking. However for light off-road use the skoda is ok, the boot is huge (estate) and it nearly does 50mpg, we don't drive particularly slowly either. The Octavia scout would be another option. The skodas are excellent value for money and you get a lot of car for that. Ours was £15k for a 12 plate with 28,000 miles. Had it a year now....
I'm a big fan of the old shape X-Trails (The new model is sod all use to anyone) and had one for nearly 7 years. It went everywhere I needed it to go and was reliable (apart from wear and tear items only 1 relay replaced) and I was seeing about 38 - 39mpg on all terrain tyres, probably actually a little bit more as the tyres were a little oversize. The boot is huge and with the seats down you could, literally, live in the back. It was like a car to drive, comfortable and well equipped and it towed well too. Mine did approx 20 - 30 miles per week off the road and really did make an ideal stalking and fishing vehicle.

The only downside with them is the lack of availability of all terrain tyres to fit, though the GG AT2s and Yoko ATS are now available to fit.

For various complex reasons I now run a new shape (2016) Mitsubishi L200 and that I can see the only advantages it has are the low ratio box and the wider choice of AT tyres. It's not going to go anywhere the X-Trail didn't go in my view as when on your own caution always has to win the day. The L200 is giving me 36.5mpg according to the computer and that's on over sized AT tyres so it is probably actually doing a little better than that. However it is big and can be tricky to park in town, or even worse to get out of a parking space once others have parked beside you. The load bed of the L200 isn't as flexible as the X-Trail now that I've a canopy on it, especially for longer items, and it is a much higher lift for a dead deer. Also most insurance companies view the L200 as a van and so want to insure it as if you were using it for business and while good value insurance is available the choice is more limited than with the X-Trail. So although I really like the L200 in practical terms for the average recreational stalker it will not do anything the X-Trail will not also do, and some things it will do worse. Clearly for a farmer, keeper or someone needing to tow and carry big weights the balance tips towards the L200.

One thing many people say is "oh but the X-Trail doesn't have the road clearance..." but on looking at the manufacturers figures it actually has a little more road clearance than the L200 and if they still made the older model X-Trail I'd probably have had another one. On the down side older cars will almost all need some work done to them and the older shape X-Trails seem to be going up in price as I think there is a lot of demand for them.


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Sorry to hijack the thread anyone experience the Honda CRV in diesel or petrol ??Couple of m8,s at work run them and rate them but dont off road/stalk em .Any pros or cons pleeese
hi iain i had one for six yrs for me and family plus fishery when i was working in that time i bought one headlamp bulb,it was perfect for everything,fishing /shooting days out travelling comfy as hell,if i had more cash i would get another tomorrow,2,0ltr ivtec petrol sport and it was still good on juice,


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depends on your budget. I got my first hilux last year and wouldn't look back.
reliable, spacious, holds its value and not too dear to run


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I have owned a Subaru Forester in the past and it is the only vehicle I have regretted selling (so far). Was a 54 reg 2 litre job with all weather pack and shod with Bridgestone Duellers went everywhere I wanted it to with ease. Was a bit thirsty but would still very happily have another though.


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Sorry to hijack the thread anyone experience the Honda CRV in diesel or petrol ??Couple of m8,s at work run them and rate them but dont off road/stalk em .Any pros or cons pleeese
Had a petrol CRV O4 plate and it was ok with mild off road and good space for carcas and gear. Fuel economy was horrendous and that's why I change it for a 57 plate diesel that was good until it developed a fault loosing power crusing on the motorway. After a year and four garages one of them a Honda dealer plus a mate looking at it and unable to find the problem, it had to go.... Now have a Subaru XV and its very capable off road.
Would not have another Honda CRV.
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Thanks gents yin and yang then ,pro,s n con,s .Always wanted a forester but never seem to have the money when they do come available.More food for thought cheers all