5 mins work just outside the farmhouse


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i was on my way out with the shooter & had just grabbed the lamp from the car, as i walked up my drive i swung the lamp around the fields surrounding the farmhouse... in the next field i saw a pair of eyes... so i moved towards a fencepost for a shot...whe i flicked the lamp back on he'd moved to a slightly awkward position for where i was shooting from, never the less i lined him up an let rip... it sounded good! so i went back in to grab my lurcher so she could come for a chew! i walked around the shed put the lamp on again an there in the same field more eyes!!! it walked into a safe position an i lent on the gate an had another blast!! my dog hammered it down the field an i followed her down.. to my delight 2 DSC01644.jpgDSC01645.jpgof em 6ft apart! both 100 yarders!:D:D


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Well done! :) I missed a fox last night, but as I'd had ten over the previous week, I'm not complaining! :)


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Two down

Great work , and good pictures as well , if this weather gets any worse up here i'll be going foxing in a canoe !!! can't beleive how wet it is