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For Sale: 5 Round Pocket Cartridge Holders


Well-Known Member
What were you thinking of?
I was hoping it was possible to make replacements or even 5rd mags that were cheaper than the currently available ones.

Though thinking about it, if this was possible, the place would be awash with them!


Active Member
Someone is going to enjoy their 40rd 17HMR holder.

If you have to ask about the price of this one you definitely can't afford it. It's a one off.
Gonna make an old man really happy when this is in his pocket late at night in the cold winter..... especially as the Anschutz Mag is so small, hopefully he loads these and drinks from the flask!!! 😊


Active Member
Ghost-Zero....... Rory has progressed see pic's..... just loaded it up for a night out.
No rattle in pocket no rattling box in pocket, nice fit, full it is lighter than an iPhone X and about 3/4's of the length and a bit under 2 x as thick with my case.


  • 17 HMR Holder.jpg
    17 HMR Holder.jpg
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  • 17 HMR Holder 1.jpg
    17 HMR Holder 1.jpg
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