55gr or 60 gr v max load


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normally use a 55gr vmax on 24gr varget
through a remi 700 1 in 12 twist .223

however, just bought a new remi 700 with a 1 in 9 twist 20" barrel .223 And was thinking it may prefer the 60gr head

any one using similar load in same rifle ??




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Good to know...
i haven't shot it yet, so, I was going to gets mixed batch of loads, and try to work something out..
iwould be over the moon if I don't have to change... Makes it really easy for batches !!

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My 1 in 9 twist .223 shoots 55 grain hornady SP's (#2266 or #2265) a dream over 20.5 grains of N120

Sorry it's upside down (bloody iPhone) it was shot at 100 meters and the squares are 1/2"


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I have a CZ527 it has a 1:9.5 twist and shoots both 55&60 gr bullets with lovely groups both with same load of H335.