6.5 creedmoor factory ammo


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Morning to all getting a bergara hmr 6.5 creedmoor this week and looking for recommendations on factory ammo as a don’t load ,Thanks


Couple of guys shooting the bergaras on our range use the hornady match 140 g ELD s with v good results ragged 1 hole groups @ 100 achievable and have no bother ringing the gongs at 600 they were £31.00 / box selling on the 1st shot brass takes the sting out of it.


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I think Ivythorn Sporting sell factory ammo as do Dauntsey Guns - depending on where home is for you it might be worth a trip to one or t'other to pick up a few boxes of everything and see what the rifle likes.


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Sounds interesting. Recon good enough for a little 600yd prs comp.
I would think so. I got them simply to enjoy some trigger time on the new rifle, and of course they are a great source of brass at that price ( I got them at trade anyway....) Nothing I saw told me they would let you down. If you're using factory ammo for PRS, then I'd say "no brainer".
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